Making Low-Carb Simple

There are a few things to know if you plan to follow a low carb diet for long term sustained success.

First, off no matter what diet you chose to follow you will need to make sure you are fully committed to the changes needed. The diet you chose needs to be the center of your lifestyle, for all things food. This means traveling, going out to eat, grocery shopping, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and even all liquids. Making changes to the food you chose to eat as your number one priority is the secret for any diet.

When it comes to being successful following a low-carb diet there are a few pointers we provide patients.

1. There is absolutely no room for "cheats."

With some diets there is a little wiggle room, in fact there are even recommended "cheat days," on some diets. When it comes to following a low carb diet the goal is to get carbohydrate rich foods out of the diet and keep them out of the diet. This is because the goal is to optimize the use of fat as a fuel forcing the body and use up stored energy, glycogen. If you "cheat" at any point then this function will not work efficiently.

2. Focus on the vegetables.

Vegetables are the heart of a good low carb diet. Vegetables are the source of fiber when following a low carb diet as well as vitamins and minerals. Vegetables will play a key role in keeping variety for texture, flavor, color, and smell. If you notice you're getting bored, add more to your repertoire with different vegetables.

3. Embrace fat.

Fat is the missing macro-nutrient in the diet. Adding fat to the diet will reduce your hunger drive. This is because fat provides the feeling of satiety or fullness. This means as you introduce more fat to your diet the less hunger you will have. Fat also plays a key role in this diet because fat is used as a fuel source.

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