Low-Carb Substitute Cheat Sheet

There are a lot of low carbohydrate alternatives to use for replacing carb-loaded favorites. One thing to keep in mind is that it is just as important to change your eating habits as it is to change the foods you are eating. What I mean by that, is even if you find an alternate bread or wrap or cookie or cake it doesn't mean you should replace the high carb stand in for the low carb alternate. Below is a list to get you started.

Mashed potatoes- mashed cauliflower, mashed rutabaga, mashed celery root

Hashbrowns- shredded rutabaga, shredded onion with shredded celery root, shredded radish, thin sliced cauliflower

Chips- Parmesan crisps, quest protein puffs, crisped cauliflower crust or thins, seaweed chips, flax seed crackers, vegetable chips (thin sliced then fried or roasted at a high temperature)

Oatmeal- seed and nut portage, chia seed pudding

Wraps- cheese wrap by folio cheese wrap (, paleo thin/wrap (, cauliflower crust/thins (

Protein Shakes- primer protein shake (, muscle milk genuine series; pro series; muscle milk light; 100 calorie; ( There are lots of examples that can fall in this category, these were a few examples.

Breakfast Sandwich- chaffle as the bread with fillings of choice, Jimmy Dean eggwich (

Latte- combine coffee with heavy cream and a low carb or sugar free sweetener of choice (

Pizza- use a low cauliflower crust, make a pizza casserole, make a shredded chicken or ground beef crust, make a cheese crust, buy a cheese crust

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