Stay Informed About Food Recalls

Why is it important to keep up with food calls? Well for starters you may avoid a weekend of terrible GI distress, and possibly even saving your life. Anyone who has a compromised immune system should be attentive to food recalls. These food recalls are related to potentially life threatening contaminates that could be in the food you eat. If you know about these recalls, you have the knowledge to avoid these foods if you chose to.

Examples of food recalls in the news over the past few weeks:

If you prefer to do your grocery shopping at large chains, that’s not a problem, but be aware food recalls hit large chains more often than local co-ops. This is because foods sold at large chains are grown, processed, produced and purchased in large quantities. One major benefit of large scale production is the costs are cut drastically. When a company produces in bulk, it means one slips or small contamination will affect product across multiple states or even worldwide. This being said, it makes narrowing recalls more difficult as the outreach can be impossible at times. If you are purchasing local, these recalls are less likely to affect you. When a recall does happen, the audience affected is much smaller and more effectively informed. Remember, spending an extra dollar or two to shop and eat local could mean living a happier and healthier life.

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