Healthcare Perspective

Healthcare is a very sensitive topic, especially when politics get pulled into the conversation. I would like to take a step back from healthcare operations and coverage. What I would like to discuss is what healthcare would look like in a perfect world.

What should healthcare be?

How should healthcare be delivered?

How should healthcare be approached?

What is your perspective on healthcare?

What does healthcare mean to you?

Here are some different perspectives to get you thinking.

Reactive Health Care

  • Healthcare is provided when I am sick and only when I "need it."

  • I go to the doctor when I am sick because I have health insurance, so I am covered when it comes to any healthcare concerns and/or emergencies.

  • Why would I go to the doctor when I am healthy?

  • Following a diet is not my priority. I eat the foods I like.

  • My health is a secondary focus to everyday life.

  • There is no way I would pay out of pocket for healthcare needs, because I have health insurance and that covers all my needs.

  • I expect that any and all healthcare needs I have will be covered by my health insurance.

Preventative Care

  • Healthcare is a continuous need that we should all be actively participating in.

  • You see your healthcare team on a regular basis to maintain your health, rather than treat poor health.

  • With good healthcare, I should have a reduced risk of long-term illness.

  • Lifestyle is very important for long-term health.

  • Healthcare needs to incorporate acute care, as well as lifetime care.

  • Healthcare needs to incorporate spiritual, mental, physical, and nutritional care.

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