There Is A Choice

By now I'm sure it is clear here at Health Transitions Clinic we use a low carb diet and we educate our patients on the use of this low carb diet. But why? Why do we choose to put so much time and effort into educating people on the benefits of a low carb diet?

For me the answer is simply summed up in one word choice. I want people who are struggling with diabetes and weight gain to understand they have a choice with regards to their health aside from the world of big pharma. Well that's people who struggling with pre-diabetes or type two diabetes in particular.

Type-2 diabetes and pre-diabetes is a disease heavily influenced by a poorly controlled diet that is high in carbohydrates. The reason diet strongly influences type-2 diabetes is because this is a disease in which an individual is resistant to the insulin they are producing and/or they are producing too much or too little insulin. So what the heck is insulin got to do with this? Well a lot actually. Insulin is the primary hormone needed for absorbing glucose (simplest for of broken down carbohydrate) from the blood stream to get into the cell and be used. When glucose is not absorbed then there is access glucose building up in the bloodstream which leads to more noticeable symptoms of diabetes, hyperglycemia. To help avoid these symptoms are given medications to help reduce the glucose in the blood stream which leads to additional weight gain. This treatment is a temporary solution that will need to be increased as time goes on as the disease progresses. This is where people are caught in a circle of building medications feeling hopeless with the understanding that medication is the only way to put on a "medication band-aid" to help mask the symptoms of their diagnosis.

Our goal is to teach people there is a choice. That choice is diet. It is as simple as it sounds, change your diet and improve your symptoms of the disease. In fact if you stick to the correct diet you cane even reverse the diagnosis of diabetes. With the understanding that hyperglycemia is the most common symptom of diabetes that is being treated then is it a surprise that the best way to treat is is to not feed it? What I am saying is that if an individual were to reduce the carbohydrates they are eating then there would be a clear reduction in blood sugar levels. This means the symptom of hyperglycemia is avoided with out the need for medical intervention. To do this an individual would need to adopts a low carb lifestyle then stick with it. By doing that people diagnosed with type-2 diabetes would be able to control their disease with diet and in many cases live a life symptom free with out the need of medications.

The choice our clinic is pushing for is a choice of treatment designed to help individuals treated for diabetes. There is another way and everyone should know that at the end of the day the choice is ice cream or insulin. Does that bowl of ice cream mean do much to you that you are willing to give yourself a shot of medication?

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