Summer Time Favorites

Here are some summertime favorite foods and how to make them low carb.

Key tip is to keep it simple


> skip the sandwich and turn into a salad

> if you need the bread then test out two crispy cauliflower sandwich thins by Outer Aisle to replace the bread (you can find these are natural grocers)

Cucumber Salad:

> skip out on the sugar when making the dressing otherwise its a great option

Ribs and other bbs ideas:

> test out some low carb bbq sauces such as G. Hughes

> make seasoning mixes without sugar and use liquid stevia instead

Burgers, hot dogs, or bratwurst:

> skip out on the bun and serve it over a salad, sauteed vegetables, or grilled vegetables

> skip out on the bun by replacing the bun with zucchini that is cut in half horizontally and hollowed out

Marinated tomatoes:

> marinated tomatoes are a great option when served over fresh greens or even grilled vegetables

Potato salad:

> try making a cauliflower salad instead of potatoes....its great replacement

> test out other root vegetables such as radishes, jicama, or rutabaga to replace the potatoes in potato salad

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