Type 2 Diabetes Is What????, Reversible

That's right.

Here at HTC we preach day in and day out that type two diabetes is a reversible disease. This is a disease primarily driven by poor diet. To reverse the disease you can make dietary changes that promote a life without diabetes. The biggest key to kicking your diabetes is sticking to these dietary changes. This could potentially mean no more insulin, no more oral medications, and no more testing your blood sugars all day. (Although we do recommended tracking blood sugars on a much more dialed back regimen anywhere from 1-2 times per day to 2-4 times per week.)

Here at HTC we have been working with patients for the past 5 years. There have been hundreds of patients who have seen their lives completely flipped, which is so cool to see! Watching people leave with their health under control, no longer being drowned in the medication ocean that represents the current health care system across America.

The next step is to keep this from happening. Use the power of diet to help keep people healthy so they never get diagnosed with type two diabetes. By actively working to prevent poor health and promote good health by living on a healthy well balanced diet, this is possible. Disease prevention needs to move from a conversation piece, which it has been for the past 20 years, to an action plan of how to apply funding, provide services, and provide education to support this message. After we make this next step we could start seeing benefits as early as 5 years, nationwide, in improved health and increased life expectancy.

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