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I am going write a blog series to target nutrition topics, questions, research topics, stories, and trends circling the media. The goal is to highlight the interesting points, emphasize the important topics, and shed lite on the hoopla that takes over.

Let’s start with a great success story that will inspire you to make or keep up with the changes you have made.

Is that amazing or what?!

What is going on in the world? This article is about the real world some people are living due to SNAP benefits restrictions. Currently there is a battle on what foods are allowed to be covered. At this point, foods on the covered list are chosen based on nutritional need for optimal health based on government nutrition regulations. The point of argument is what determines "healthy" foods. The argument is that convenience stores should be able to offer items like beef jerky, spray cheese, and canned cheese dips as SNAP benefit options. This is in response to convenience store markets trying to step away from offering fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain options, and dairy options needed under the current SNAP offerings. This means currently only convenience stores that have these offerings can accept SNAP benefits. However, if these more processed foods are accepted under the SNAP offerings, convenience stores will be able to accept SNAP benefits without battling the losses tied to offering fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and dairy options. This really gets back to money that can be made for these convenience stores which are littered with "food desserts" and often become the place for weekly grocery shopping for these struggling families. The current regulations are intact to help improve access to quality foods in these neighborhoods.

Let’s dive into some hoopla, there's always plenty to go around.

Low carb diets are healthy when applied and executed correctly. The research is overwhelming, yet the misleading studies like the one below seem to take center stage when they are released. But look at the details of how data is collected and what type of diet these participants are truly following.

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