Low Carb Daily Snapshot

Low Carb Daily Snapshot

No matter if you're new to the low carb diet, or are already following a low carb diet, this descriptive daily snapshot is beneficial. This is a snap shot of one day in the life of a person following a low carb lifestyle. I will include the daily struggles, including food decisions that need to be made on a day-to-day basis.

Treat this as a trouble-shooting work map that you can reference if needed for just about any situation:

Ideal day:

  • Wake up go to the bathroom, then stretch, workout, or do some form of movement.

>Get up each morning and do something to wake your body and brain up.

  • Shower or change and get dressed; be sure to check your weight while wearing little to no clothes.

  • Breakfast: Hmmmmm.. the first food choice of the day

>Breakdown the options based on time needed to cook, eat, and get out the door or start working.

>>Egg ideas:

Quick: pre-made casserole, pre-made egg muffin, pre-made egg cup, boiled eggs, egg salad

More time: omelet, egg with breakfast meat of choice

>>Shake ideas:

Pre-made shake with olive oil added, mix your own shake (to add fruit or not, to add greens or not, to add yogurt or not, to add ice or not) all good questions and choices to be made.


Heat and eat leftovers from a low carb meal.

Off day:

Wake up late and rush to work.

>Have good back up low carb breakfast items at work or in the carb for "oops days." (These can include: pre-made shakes, frozen breakfast scrambles, frozen breakfast cups, coffee with protein powder and added fat, grab a good low carb fast food breakfast choice on the way to work).

>Snacks: you are really strong and avoid the snacks that are right in front of you all day.

Off day:

Late to work and eating, or drinking breakfast at the desk, or on your way to work.

>Snacks: you are stressed and see someone brought cookies or chips into the office. In order to avoid them, you weigh the pros and cons of that food, or you find a good snack you can have, like cut veggies. Other good options could include getting a diet drink or a glass of water, then stretch or do a few movements with an exercise band as a stress release.

Lunchtime: Waahoooo

>>Plan ahead to have meal prep done to pull out and eat cold or heat up

>> Make good choices from the work cafeteria

>>Make good low carb choices at a work lunch-in by ordering between the options, or picking through the offerings in front of you to make a good low carb lunch

Off day Lunchtime: Waahoooo

>Forgot your lunch, because you were in a rush this morning, so you decide to go pick up a low carb lunch choice from the store or fast food nearby

>> make good choices from the work cafeteria

>>make good low carb choices at a work lunch-in by ordering between the options, or picking through the offerings in front of you to make a good low carb lunch

Back to work and stay productive through the day.

>Snacks: you are good avoiding the snacks and make it till dinner, despite getting stressed, bored, and or hungry until dinner

>No time for lunch, so you eat some snacks you can keep in your pocket, such as mixed nuts you keep at the office or you have back up pre-made shakes at work

Dinner time: Wahhooo

>>Meal prepared for the week, with a casserole to toss in the oven or portioned for tossing into the microwave.

>>Meal prepared for the day with a crockpot meal

>>Take the time to make a 30 minute meal that is low carb for you and your family

Off day Dinner time: Wahhooo

>>No time to cook, so you grab meals on the go, making good low carb choices at the restaurant or fast food place.

>>Meeting at a friend’s house that made no true low carb options....pick through what is there and make the best meal you out of what you can eat.

>>Grab an emergency frozen meal from the fridge, because you ran out of time to cook.

Night time

> You are really good and avoid the snacks all night just drinking water at night and maybe a diet soda if desired.

>You make it to bed a you desired time in order to get a good nights sleep.

Off day Night time

> You are really stressed and hungry from the running around, lack of food due to not good options and need a snack.

>Find a stress release aside from food; such as working out, yoga, reading, swimming, gardening, etc.

>Get to bed a later time than wanted but you did well avoiding the stress eating from a busy day.

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