Never Too Late to Get Active

Being physically active is a key component to maintaining weight. Physical activity is also important for maintaining strength, flexibility, bone density, and healthy aging. What does physical activity look like for you? Are you doing the bare minimum to keep physically active, and if so why?

If age or lack of experience is what seems to be holding you back, you must read this article. See how this 84 year old women is breaking records and winning medals for pole vaulting, short and long sprints, even hurdles. Even more impressive, she didn't start getting involved with track and field until she was 60!

This brings me to the biggest excuse when it comes to exercise...I'm too old for that. You're only as old as you let yourself feel. Accept your age as a number not a description of who you are and maybe you can open the door to new challenges you never imagined.

I argue that life is full of choices; the choices you make will shape your reality and your experiences of life.

"If life is not a challenge, then it is not a life you are living, it is a life you’re witnessing as a spectator. The day you decide to join is the day you will find failure, as part of challenging life comes with failure. Don't let this deter you, failure makes success the sweetest honey of all."

Don't get me wrong I'm not telling everyone they need to go out and take up track and field. What I do want is for you to try something you never have before. Give yourself a goal to work toward in efforts to stay physically active within your current abilities, and build from there. It might be a goal of walking daily, or, if you are restricted to a seated position, leg lifts or resistance training with exercise bands 2-3 times throughout the day. This increase in activity will be beneficial for maintaining weight loss results and building muscle.

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