Tips For Maintaining Weight-loss

You've lost 100 lbs. You're feeling better, eating better, looking healthier, and feeling more confident, so now your weight loss journey is over right? Wrong! Losing the weight is the biggest step of the weight loss journey, but that doesn't mean it’s the only step. For most people who have struggled with gaining weight, fighting the scale following diet after diet has been a constant. Over the years losing hundreds of pounds and gaining hundreds of pounds. The cycle seems to be playing on repeat no matter the diet, no matter the effort. What is missing?

Behavioral change. That’s right; your eating habits are driven by a particular behavior. Until there is a change in your behavioral habits to support a healthy diet, no matter what diet you follow, you're always going to yo-yo. Here at HTC we push habit change in effort to change these eating behaviors; that is the heart of changing someone's lifestyle. So now that you have lost the weight, how do you support the changes you have made to stay on track?

1. Keep yourself accountable by tracking progress and maintenance.

2. Identify the areas you struggle with and plan on how to keep them under control.

3. Daily exercise 30-90 minutes each day, focused on anaerobic workouts.

4. Monthly reflection for reviewing and keeping aware of your goals and how you are maintaining those goals.

5. Plan for success and how to keep with the success.

6. Surround yourself with the best supportive cast you can. What I mean by that is, you can be on the best diet, but if the people you're surrounded by are not supporting you and your goals, then you are constantly going uphill to maintain.

7. Commit to the habits you have created, do not let them morph with old patterns.

8. Keep the motivation you found to lose the weight and hold onto it. Remind yourself of your accomplishments.

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