Something Seams Fishy.....

This weeks blog post is to help prepare you for the next time you find yourself looking at different fish in the grocery store. How many time have you paid top dollar for that specific variety fish or a particular quality fish?

Did you know 90% of the seafood sold in the United States is imported? Of that at least 33% is mislabeled on accident and many cases on purpose with a cheaper product substituted that passes for the advertised product. A few examples include sea bass being replaced by giant perch, Alaskan halibut replaced by Greenland turbot, Florida grouper replaced with lavender jobfish, and local catfish replaced by pangasius.

There are governing groups that monitor fish caught and grown in the United states to verify quality and accurate labeling. However, imported seafood has very little to no regulation with regards to labeling, product supply, farm raised regulations, and sustainability.

So the big question is why does this matter? Well if you don't care what you're eating, where it comes from, how it was caught, or how it was raised then really it does not matter. But if you do care about sustainability, want to get what you're paying for, and avoid potential chemicals that are not legal in the US then this is a big deal.

Here are some logos to look for to help determine if the product you're buying is quality or not.

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