Winter Blues

For starters you should know it is normal to experience the winter blues more commonly known Seasonal Affective Disorder. Here in the Midwest when seasons change so do the moods of thousands who routinely experience seasonal affective disorder. Some see this as a slight hindrance to their day associating the blah feeling with cold weather and spending more time inside. While others really struggle to find happiness this time of the year and rely on medications to keep their moods boosted.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum here are a few tips that can help.

1. Buy a sad lamp. These are lights specifically designed to improve mood in times of little to no sunlight. Here is a website to check out:

2. Do your best to add exercise into your daily routine. Daily exercise can help to improve mood with a healthy boost of endorphin highs that are produced as a result of exercise. Research strongly supports the importance of daily exercise on boosting someones mood. Here are some studies to check out:

3. Embrace the cold as a community be recognizing you're not along with feeling down, from the shorter days and cold weather, get together with friends. Go for dinner parties or trips to the mall to shop with friends. Maybe even make a routine to meet your friends at the gym or a walking track once or twice a week.

4. Take Vitamin D3 active to account for what you are not getting from the sun. In the winters the sun is too far away to provide Vitamin D for your body to use. It is absorbed from the suns rays but when the sun is too far way, for example in the winters, you should supplement with Vitamin D.

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