Can the right diet really help improve type 2 diabetes?

"Is eating rabbit food really going to help me?" This is the question I hear all the time. I would like to prefix this statement with one thing; if you believe vegetables are rabbit food then yes, we promote eating a diet that is primarily vegetables, with small amounts of fruit and legumes, and adequate amounts of protein. As soon as I hear this question my answer is always, "do you see a lot of diabetic rabbits?" At which point there is usually a laugh from the patient.... But yes, in all seriousness the correct diet for an individual will dramatically improve their health.

In fact, I see patients dropping medications from their list every day, just by improving their diet to better reflect the nutritional needs of their body. And you better believe those patients are excited. Some, who have been diabetic for 10 plus years, are now seeing normal A1c numbers, even while no longer taking medications. That's right, these patients are no longer treating their long-term "progressive" disease with medication. Instead, these patients are seeing improvements in their blood work, quality of life, and an increase in lifespan with a simple change in diet. Now that you know a bit more about our everyday work and results here at the clinic, would you like to know some of our secrets? I invite you to come meet the team and join us for a free informational seminar, where we will give you the secrets about how we help people every day.

We will be having a free informational seminar on January 17th here at PCI from 7-8pm, click the link below to sign up.

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