Hidden World of Nutrition

Have you ever seen fruit concentrate written on a label and wondered what is that? Or have you thought fruit concentrate is the same thing as fruit just concentrated? This article from NPR is a great read and goes into the details of what fruit concentrate actually is.

Fruit vs sugar when it comes to the carbs aren't they the same? Well in on description yes they are both sources of carbs that are broken into glucose. However, not all carbs are treated equal. Fruit as it self also has fiber which will assist with digestion of food slowing the absorption of the carbs that accompany it. We do recommend avoiding fruits low in fiber such as bananas in addition to eating fruit as a dessert after a meal or with some source of fat and/or protein. This also helps to aid the absorption and digestion process ultimately reducing the blood sugar spike that accompanies fruit for most diabetic patients. This article does a good job of describing the fear that comes with fruit and why fruit is a good option but does need to be eaten in moderation.

Nutrition can be a complex topic for a lot of people and trying to better understand how nutrition effects the body is even more difficult. This is an article on iron, an essential mineral. The article discusses sources,absorption, and what the purpose or iron is after being absorbed by the body. This is a great read to better understand this essential mineral.

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