Making Changes

It is clear obesity rates have increased dramatically in recent decades along with obesity related diseases. As you have seen in previous posts the "western diet" which is one focused on: processed foods, fast food, convenience items, high sugar foods, and cheap calories is what I attribute these dramatic increases in poor health to.

Change is happening but will happen more quickly if we lead by example. The more people who make changes and support a healthy diet in addition to increased access to a healthy diet, the louder the voice gets. Please read through these articles. Change is happening but, will only continue to grow steam if support continues and grows with these changes.

Below are a few articles on the changes happening and in the process of happening. This first article is about reducing the marketing ability of these processed food company giants. The less chance to push their agenda the better.

The Second article discusses the recognition big soda has taken and the drastic steps these companies are taking to protect sales of sweetened beverages.

The Third article discusses another revenue source for these sweetened beverage companies that is under attack, the SNAP program otherwise known as the Food Stamp program. In fact last year subsidized sales in sweetened beverages accounted for more than $75 million in sales in New York City alone. That is tax money being spent on high calorie sweetened drinks that are proven to lead to obesity and obesity related disease.

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