Simple Nutrition and Cooking Tips

I'd like to keep this weeks post simple, to the point. When people hear I am a dietitian they always ask for 10 tips for good health. When people hear am chef they always ask for 10 tips for good food. So this week is the 10 and 10; tips for and tips for nutrition.

Nutrition Tips:

1. Eat the colors of the rainbow...not the candy. What I mean is eat plenty foods that are naturally colorful. For example: beets, dark greens, carrots, cauliflower, purple kale, oranges, apples, etc.

2. Eat a plant based diet with small amounts of meat added for those who desire meat.

3. Eat fat, stop avoiding fat.

4. Clean your produce even if it is organic...clean your produce.

5. Challenge yourself to try new vegetables.

6. Eat multiple varieties of vegetables during mono veggie meals.

7. Avoid processed foods, high-fructose corn syrup, and trans fat

8. Make good choices when you go out to eat.

9. Find good stress release options away from food.

10. Slow down when eating to avoid over eating.

Cooking Tips:

1. Fat is flavor don't avoid fat.

2. Recipes are more like guidelines.

3. Take the time to make something the right way for best results.

4. Good ingredients are important for good food. If you start with poor quality food your end product will suffer.

5. Be sure to keep your knife sharp.

6. Layer your flavors to build a more in-depth flavored dish.

7. Try to include texture with your meal. For example: crunch elements like cheese crisps

8. Marinate your meats with some sort of acid or base to help breakdown the protein, tenderizing the meat.

9. Try cooking foods with different cooking methods before you give up on them.

10. Use a combination of herbs and spices.

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