What's really in the food supply?

No, I'm not ready to tackle the food supply we use as feed for our livestock and pets, maybe later. What this post is addressing is the food supply open to the american public, regular foods purchased in grocery stores, gas stations, monster stores (walmart, target) get the idea. A recent court case results is forcing the roll back of "artificial flavors" companies will need to reformulate their products getting rid of 7 commonly used compounds used to provide these artificial flavors. The FDA has given companies 24 months to comply with the new regulations. But why such a drastic roll back?

Its simple, these compounds used as artificial flavors in the foods ranging from ice cream to candies to beers and even chewing gums have been proven to cause cancer in animal lab tests. The law clearly shows any foods that cause cancer or ingredients in foods that cause cancer are not allowed to be in the food supply. Can you believe this even needs to be a law? It is absolutely absurd that consumer food companies need to be monitored to this extent in efforts to keep dangerous foods out of the public's food supply. Furthermore, after the evidence was presented it took court battles to force the FDA to step in ultimately forcing companies to comply with leaving these ingredients out of foods. For more information please read for yourself:

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