Dessert Aisle or Yogurt Aisle

Wow it has been weeks since the last blog post. but don't worry I've got a stream of material coming your way. So no reason to wait any longer here's a good article in NPR.

This article is discussing the growing concern that a favorite health food, yogurt, has become more of a dessert option than a health food option.

Is this true? Below are some examples of good quality brand that I was able to find at our local grocery store. It looks like the article has a lot of truth. The whole yogurt section was very similar just different flavors and brand with very similar nutrition contents. However, the health food section had a few good options.

Here are a few examples that can be found in the regular yogurt section: >Yoplait (150g container= 5oz serving)

-whips low-fat option: peanut butter chocolate: 4g fat, 26g carb (22g sugar), 5 g protein, fiber 0g

-light option: peach: carb 16g (10g sugar), protein 5g, fat 0, fiber 0g

-regular: pumpkin pie: fat 2g, carb 26g (19g sugar), protein 6g, fiber 0g

-greek protein: black cherry: carb 11g, (7g sugar), protein 14g, fat 0g, fiber 0g

>Noosa (150g container= 5oz serving)

-pina colada: fat 6g, carb 14g (13g sugar), protein 5g, fiber 0g

>Kalona (6oz. serving)

-low-fat organic 2%: Vanilla: fat 3g, carb 18g (18g sugar), fiber 0g, protein 6g

Here are some examples in the health market or health sections:

>Kalona (8oz. serving)

-whole milk greek: plain: fat 24g, carb 6g (6g sugar), fiber 0g, protein 18g

>Fage (7oz. serving)

-total 5%: plain: fat 10g, carb 6g (6g sugar), fiber 0g, protein 18g

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