How to make little changes to improve your health?

Are you struggling with your health? Have you had that talk with you doctor, spouse, or family about needing to make a change? But you're just not convinced that you are ready to make a change and if this change can provide enough improvement for your health to make it worth it. I challenge you to make a small experiment to see what change can bring.

Start by cutting out all sweetened beverages that contain carbohydrates for 1 month. This means avoiding all of the drinks that contain carbohydrates including but not limited to: alcohol, soda, sport drinks, milk and sweetened alternate milks, fruit and vegetable juices

>After on month see what benefits you notice, these benefits might include: improved blood sugar control, foods cost savings, weight loss, less head fog

Second, try a month of cutting out the sweets in addition to cutting out the sweetened beverages. That's right get all the sweets out of your diet for a full month, including but not limited to: cookie, candies, chocolates, pastries, ice cream, donuts, cakes, hard candies, licorice

Third and final step of the experiment, try adding salt junk foods to the list of foods you have cut out. These include but are not limited to potato chips, doritos, rice cakes, pita chips, corn chips, pretzels, and pop corn.

Now that it has been three months reflect on how these changes have effected your health. Imagine how these foods that you have cut out from your diet over the past 3 months fit into your diet. Were these foods vitally important to your health? Were these foods vital parts of well rounded meals? After this challenge think about how often you snack between meals and how much nicer it would be if you didn't feel hungry between meals. There are huge benefits to adopting a low carb lifestyle, no more feeling hungry, improved blood sugar levels, weight loss, improved blood lipids, less head fog, improved energy, and increased intake in vitamins and minerals.

If you make it through the experiment then you have made a huge step in the right direction to adopting a low carb lifestyle. The next step is fading out the cereals, oatmeal, bread, pasta, pizza, potato, rice, and corn. Make a diet centered around vegetables with a moderate amount of protein and large amount of fat. Eat based on your hunger cues and start to pay attention to the feeling of fullness.

These little changes in diet can greatly effect someones health for the better.

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