Travel the World of Food

For most beginners switching to low carb eating seems like a full on assault against their favorite foods, that you voluntarily signed up for. Don't give up, after a few months of getting used to the changes you'll find yourself settled in to this new lifestyle with all the health benefits starting to show. And you think this is the hard part. You put in the hard work and now you're getting to finally reap the benefits. I say not. This is the easiest part of a lifestyle change. The hard part is sticking to it: not getting board of the "coping foods" you have found yourself drawn to and not getting rattled with an emotional roller coaster, that is always on the horizon no matter who you are. This is when I challenge you to stand strong, stick with your goals, and keep with these changes you have made.

So how do you keep from getting board when it seems like all you can eat is salad or rabbit food? Its time to open your eyes. Start looking for foods that you have never tried or even heard of for that matter. There are thousands of countries around the world and all of them have different foods. Here's one more tip, most ethnic foods are high in vegetables and low in processed ingredients. This is why I label the post, "Travel the World of Food." Challenge yourself to make two meals/week from a different country. For example Menemen (a Turkish egg dish) or shakshouka (a classic Arab egg dish) or gomen (collard greens stew). There are countless dishes from around the world using spices in various different ways to provide numerous flavor combinations. This is a great way to keep variety in your diet while expanding your pallet.

This weeks post is simple and to the point; get out there and try new foods, make the vegetable substitutions you need to for some of the recipes, but most importantly challenge yourself to eat new foods.

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