Milk: The Mystery of Milk in the Diet

Lets start with some simple statements

>Humans are the only mammals that drink milk after infancy even more strange we drink milk from other animals.

>Not everyone can drink milk. In this NPR article the author is writing about a new book titled, "Milk! A 10,000 Year Food Fracas." The author is quoted for saying something; "It's something like 40 percent of the human population that can drink milk past the age of two." Mark Kurlansky. No I'm not putting this quote here as a piece of scientific evidence but it is a great thinking point. More than one third of the population is not able to process milk past age two.

> Milk was not part of the general public's diet until the 19th century when we finally had the technology of pasteurization and refrigeration to get milk to consumers in a safe way. Until then milk was consumed by farmers and that was the extent of it. Dairy in the diet came in form of yogurt and cheese.

>There is a huge concern about animal cruelty when it comes to the dairy industry which is driven by supply and demand. But lets be honest there are a few more details to that specifically the cheap cost of dairy and how commonly it is recommended. Milk prices for mainstream milks are slashed with government subsidies to make the cost cheaper for the general public. So much so that when milk yielded from small farms, that focus more on the care for the animals, the product can't compete at an even price point. Often the price difference is 2-3 dollars per gallon (about 2-3x the price).

So now that some of the facts are out of the way, lets start with the biggest question why are we teaching our younger generations they need to drink milk? Does milk need to be on every school lunch tray? Is milk an essential part of a healthy well rounded diet? I think the easiest answer to these questions, as you might have picked up from my no so subtle comments, is no milk is part of the diet because of great marketing.

I hope this is enough to get you questioning. Not that you have to do what I'm suggesting but at least get used to saying why something is the way it is. Not just accepting an answer because someone told you it was correct.

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