Cigarette Companies vs Candy Companies

Think about this comparison are these businesses really that much different? Lets break it down.

Cigarette companies sell consumers a product that offers a stress release from everyday life that tastes great, to its consumers. This product was marketed for years as; the perfect way to end the day, the cool thing to do (heck look at the MarlboroMan), and even a great way to lose weight. All the while cigarette companies fully understood their product was dangerous for consumers long-term health in addition to being highly addictive. What a great business idea, sell a product that consumers can relate to and make it addictive. Now days what I'm telling you about cigarette companies is well known and understood but have they stopped playing the game? Absolutely not, the game has just changed a little bit. Companies now days put a disclaimer on the package that tells the product dangers. So how are these companies still running? They have focused their efforts to younger populations, get them started young so that the consumer becomes a long-term user. But how do you market to the younger crowds? Make the product taste like candy. That's right, there are thousands of Vapor pens and stores out there. And you can buy just about any flavor you like; cotton candy, strawberry, pineapple, mango, etc. you get the point. Look around at the kids late in high school to their early even mid twenties. You will notice these Vapor pens are more common than you first thought. You see, these companies are still selling their products just in a different avenue. So lets move to candy companies.

Candy companies sell consumers a product that offers a "treat feeling" or prize feeling even a hunger cumber to drive away the "hangry feeling", all of these get back got it, stress release. For example, celebrate getting home from a busy day just grab a snickers. Decrease the hunger sharks by adding a snicker or milkyway or kit-kat bar for your break-time. Think about the commercials for these products. Are the candy consumers "cool," do they have a face of relief when they finally get their candy? Who are they marketed to? Is candy marketed as a food to only eat on special occasion as indulgent? Or is candy marketed as a great way to make your day better? I think you know the answers to these questions and if you go to any gas station, grocery store, home improvement store, even drug store you will find a selection of candy. But candy is innocent right? There's nothing wrong with buying candy at the checkout line, heck its only a snickers. RIGHT ONLY A SNICKERS.

Lets take a step back. Take this article in forbes magazine titled: The US Does Not Have A Debt Problem .....It Has A Health Care Cost Problem ( What drives the cost of healthcare? That's right, poor health. As a nation we have seen a dramatic increase in obesity over the last 30 years. It is well understood that the nation is in an healthcare crisis with obesity paving the way. With the increase of obesity comes dramatic increased risk for diseases and big time illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, etc. the list goes on and on. The next question is what drives weight gain? Well that's a simpler answer than you would realize, a poorly controlled diet. That's right eating the wrong foods consistently over long periods of time is leading to poor health for millions. If the general public changes it's diet from, one of processed foods low in nutrients to a whole food "real food" diet high in vegetables and nutrients, we will dramatically reduce healthcare spending. That's right its as simple as getting rid of those afternoon candy bars, frozen meals, fast food burgers, lunchtime pizzas, sodas and sweet drinks, even the potatoes chips. Start cooking food at home or buying real food that is made from fresh ingredients with out all the junk added to it.

So how do these candy companies compare to cigarette companies? Its simple they are marketing products that are dangerous for the long-term health of their consumer. These products are marketed to all generations with a focus on our younger populations, again to get life-time consumers. Oh did I fail to mention sugar is more addicting than nicotine? That's right there's a reason sweets are hard to say no to, they trigger our pleasure sensors just the same as nicotine and many other drugs do. That looks similar to me.

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