Dark Green Vegetables For All

There's no surprise that dark green vegetables are great sources of Vitamin E, K, lutein, beta carotene, and folate. You can find that information in most nutrition information websites and reference books. But the the cool thing is how these vegetables are correlated with a slower rate of cognitive decline. A resent study showed there was a strong correlation of reduced cognitive decline in individuals who consumed 1.3 servings of dark green leafy vegetables each day as compared to those who did not.

So what are dark green leafy vegetables?

>Kale, Swiss chard, arugula, spinach, collard greens, beet greens, boc chow, micro greens, dandelion greens, water cress, etc.

How to incorporate dark greens to your diet?

>Salads (easiest way) try a massaged kale salad. This will help to make the kale softer and easier to eat.It is a simple as gently rubbing the kale leaves as you wash them and then toss then with the dressing.

> Stir-frys....use a slaw mix such as broccoli slaw or rainbow slaw or cabbage mixture. Saute until the cabbage is caramelized the season with your favorite low carb stir-fry sauce.

>casseroles are a great way to hide the dark greens. Fold them into the ingredients top with cheese if desired then back.

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