Does your environment drive your perceptions?

Here are a few questions to think on

  • What does diet mean?

  • What does success mean to you? (In way of diet and health)

  • Does society feed on realistic representations of the human body? Are the rock hard abs and bulging muscles in every form of media what real people look like?

  • How does media affect the way you look at diet and health?

  • What drives your food choices?

  • How does nutrition effect your life?

These questions are presented because, whether you agree with it or not, there are environmental factors which effect societies perceptions of diet and health. In our world of instant communication these factors greatly effect the way we perceive our health and dietary needs. Questions like these are good to reflect on when analyzing your diet, your health, your health improvements, and your health goals. It will help you to separate your goals and success from what is consistently forced on society as what our goals, health, and diets should be.

Think about how much media and advertising effect you as an adult despite your knowledge and experience. Now how can we expect or younger generations to intemperate media and advertising without it effecting their lives?

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