Health is All About Your Lifestyle: you are the driver not the passenger to your life

There are thousands of sources for researching how to lose weight, how to find the "best diet" and what the "best" diet for a human is. Click the video in the link below, specifically ask why are we so wrapped up around this idea of "dieting." The host makes the topic sound intense and very important it almost gives you a sense of anxiety....feeding the thoughts of am I eating the right foods? Am I on the right diet? What foods should I got out and buy?.......Lets stop......take a breath and think....look whats going on around you. Take a step back let the world pass by for a few hours and think to you self.

In our culture it is clear we have access to more varieties of foods than we ever have had before. And society is taking advantage of it, people are eating what they want when the want. The food production industry is loving this. These companies feed the public what it wants when it wants. Marketing is everywhere from the TV to buses to internet and even you're local pharmacies, hardware stores, gas stations, anywhere there are registers you will notice a supply of sweet and salty junk foods. Is it not enough that you have to say no to these foods at the grocery store?

If you notice the "need" to feed on a candy bar in the pharmacy while you are buying your diabetic medications then you have really fallen prey to these marketing techniques. It is absurd to think an individual in this society will suffer if they aren't able to access these foods at the drop of a hat.

Now back to the step back i asked you to take and just observe. Do you notice how busy the world seems? Do you notice how stressed people act (we all do especially when we let the "busy" life take over)? How may times do people address appearance concerns? How many people talk or word vomit their "hard" life stories from the weekend? How they are trying to get everything done that is "expected" to happen in our society?

Yeah....its sad right? In the society of having everything it seems that we actually have less. Less of your life, less of your free choices, less of your health, less of your free time. So how do you get it back?

Just stop. Stop buying what you "need" to have. Eat the foods that are local and seasonal. Eat real food not bars to safe time. Start taking time for your self. Change your lifestyle to reflect what you want it to be and follow what you want to do. Chose a lifestyle that is healthy for you not healthy for your work. You're not on this earth to work, you're here to experience life so enjoy it the way you want to. Start by giving yourself good health not suffering from poor health because you don't have time to care about your health.

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