It's Time to Improve Your Health, this is the Year

Here at Health Transitions Clinic we want to keep you from becoming another statistic. Join us for a FREE seminar on Thursday, January 18th from 7-8pm. Learn about our successful diabetes and weight loss management clinic but more specifically how the wrong messages have lead the obesity and diabetes epidemic. We have worked with over 500 patients in the past 3 years leading them to a life with less medications (and in lots of cases no medications) that they only dreamed of.

Each year thousands of people purchase gym memberships, start new diets, kick old habits, and start their journey toward better health. That's all great but what makes you stick to these plans? What keeps you on track to hit your goals? According to one statistic in USA Today (not that this is the greatest source, but it makes the point) roughly 95% of new gym members will purchase a year long membership and only use it through the month of January. Then these new members are mia until the next year when more gym newbie hopefuls will join again...this pattern is not new to most of us. So how do you beat it, how do you stop from being another statistic? Number 1 getting your diet into gear is most important. Unless you're a male under the age of 30 you WILL NOT lose weight by exercise, this is a fact.

Tips to changing your habits:

1. Be confident with the changes you are making. For example: This year I am joining a gym and working out 3x/week. Not: I'm going to try to work out a few times a week this year.

2. Follow through with your goals by planning and doing the work to make it happen. For example: set a calendar with your workout routine and cross off each day to be certain you are hitting those goals.

3. Understand that its not all exercise that will bring good health. To be honest its all about the changing your diet. For example: you wouldn't drink river water and expect to feel good or be healthy for that matter. River water is full or chemicals and bacteria, if that were your main drinking supply you'd probably be sick. Then why would you put processed mass quantity foods in you body and expect a good outcome? These processed foods are full of chemicals and mass quantity foods are made from a food chain riddled with mass bacteria outbreaks such as E. coli.

4. Hold yourself accountable by tracking progress to determine if you are hitting your goals or at least working toward them.

Are you ready to make changes in your life? No time better than the present. Sign up for the FREE Seminar today by clicking this hyperlink:

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