Holiday Madness

In case you haven’t noticed it is the holiday season which means cookies with a side of candy topped in chocolate after three helpings of potatoes. Here in America we celebrate with food, lots of it, the more sugar the better. This is why the holiday season is so hard to work through for anyone trying to stick close to a diet but even more a low carb diet. It takes planning, avoiding the office carb selections strewn about everywhere, and lots lots lots of will power.

Please keep in mind when it comes to sticking to your diet it’s not about having good days to pay off the bad days it’s about making changes that last. Changes that alter your food traditions so that they better aligned with your health goals. A life lived around doctor appointments to ensure your health can be maintained as long as medications continue to work, is no way to live when the cause is just a poor diet. When you decide to have foods off track, enjoy them and ensure these foods stay out of your normal day to day diet. These are foods meant for special times of the year not every Tuesday or Friday or every other week as a treat for being good.

Think about it there are sweets for every holiday, there are even holidays made for sweet…Halloween? Can you think of a single holiday missed by the candy companies? It’s time we put our foot down no more of these expectations to see Reese trees or pumpkins in your bag because you “have to” celebrate. Try spending time with family, going for an annual weekend trip or day hike or even family game night or block party with a bon fire. Try going backwards in time to when we didn’t have everything you wanted any time you want it. Let’s sit back to enjoy life, stop trying to do or buy what you’re” supposed to.”

What if you do get off track…..DONT PANIC…it will be ok. Simply stop eating the junk foods, start eating your vegetables, and force the cravings to go away…don’t give in when those cookies are calling you by name. Sugar is one of the most addictive substances we consume in our society on a regular basis….the sad thing is most of the nation’s medical struggles can be traced back to sugar; which happens to a predominate component of the standard American diet. As a nation if we made two simple changes to our diet (1 get rid of sugar, 2 get rid of processed foods and start cooking home with whole ingredients) the national health crisis would be drastically reduced. It starts with changing your lifestyle then passing that on to the next person. The concept will catch like wildfire…..share with your families and friends make these changes as a nation starting from the bottom up.

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