Mindful Eating

Why portion size should not be your concern but rather mindful eating can lead the thought of appropriate portions.

Ok first lets take a step back, why do serving sizes matter?

Serving sizes matter because we (Americans) are eating too much food much more than we truly need to. The "clean plate club," mind thought that even though you might be so full you can hardly fit you current belt strap due to bloating, you still need to finish off the food on that plate because you cannot waste it. Pair this with the high carbohydrate American diet and you have ever buffet across the country but more importantly the thought of food for most American is that if it tastes good more must be better.

As you have noticed so far when reading through older blog posts here at HTC we use a low carb diet so that piece of the puzzle is clear less carbs= less weight. But how do we suggest to monitor portion sizes?????????????????? BY MAKING IT SIMPLE eat like a baby....That's right eat until you feel full then stop and wait 5-10 minutes to see if you are full or if you would like a little more. When you are full stop eating and then eat again when you are hungry (this doesn't mean you get to screaming and crying when you hungry...I've tried it doesn't work..but do be more mindful and make it simple).

Eating based on your hunger ques is a simple concept but rather complicated to execute since we like to take really simple things and make them really complicated in our society (for example: telephones have cameras, tape recorders, internet, even video games....and its purpose is to make a phone call with...enough said). Mindful eating is paying attention to the food you are eating use you senses: how does it look? how does it feel? how does it smell? Does it have texture as you chew? what is the flavor? do you like the flavor? is the temperature hot or cold? how would you describe the flavors bold, subtle, sour, sweet, spicy, savory, memorable, or even forgettable?

These are questions to ask yourself when eating to make you pay more attention to what you are eating. Be present with food don't treat it as a number or a check box food is the fuel which your body strives on so make it enjoyable.

To wrap up this daily rant lets get back to portion size. Be mindful when you eat ask yourself if you are truly hungry after you have eaten of if you are still not satisfied. When you recognize you are satisfied then it is time to stop and if you have extras save them for later or the next day. Serving size if unique to you, your day, your body, and how you perceive your hunger at that point in time, there is no serving size for everyone to follow..see where serving sizes have gotten us?

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