Processed Food World

Check out these articles published in NPR:

How often do you make food at home? Specifically, how often do you make food at home from scratch not a box or mix or frozen bag but just with the whole foods themselves?

Don't worry if you said never or very very seldom you're normal, well you're not alone. You see the society we live in rotates around processed foods that make it quicker and easier for the hard working public to eat their meals. However, these changes have lead to lots of changes to our health. The article above goes into detail on the sugar industry and how it has really pushed carbohydrates to the forefront of a "healthy" diet. Research backed by the sugar industry has lead to a society centered around processed foods and convenient foods that are low in fat and high in carbohydrates. The boom in fast and convenient foods from the 1960-1980's has only exacerbated this processed food dependency.

We can fix this, turn the tides, give consumers their health back, but how??????

By changing the diet recommendations. That's right its as easy as changing the foods we're eating. Go back to a diet of foods made at home from vegetables, herbs and spices, local/accessible proteins, and using fruit as a dessert that is only available in the right seasons. Getting back to a simple seasonal diet centered around vegetables. This would dramatically decrease waste by the grocery industry, improve farming towns across America by supporting local growers, improve soil conditions nationwide, improving food quality rather than quantity, and would save the nation billions in medical costs.

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