Halloween......candy time

Of Course I'm not going to support feeding America thousands of pounds of high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, and more glucose than any human ever needs. No, what I want to see is Americans making a change, challenge the candy company holiday, born from the day of the dead,....(which is not at all the same as the Halloween we know here in America) and start understanding the facts about what candy is. What Halloween truly is: gathering with friends and family to celebrate, sharing memories and stories, of friends and family who have passed.

Candy, while it is delicious, is a simple form of glucose that rapidly spikes your blood sugar level leading to a sharp release of insulin to absorb that glucose. Then those radically high amounts of glucose (excessively more than we need) are stored in the adipose tissue to use later when the body is low in energy and no food is coming in. For kids this is not as damaging since they are like metabolism machines but for those adults out there, steeling your child's candy when they're not looking or even after they fall asleep, this aids weight gain.

I challenge you to limit yourself to 1 piece dark chocolate 70% or darker and/or make a low-carb dessert/candy you can enjoy without spiking your blood sugar levels. And for those who make make the change, post a picture of your treat #makeamericahealthy Our goal is to make people aware of what they are actually eating and how to change it to better fit their lifestyle.

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