Grocery Store Madness

There's a cool article in the, Food & Nutrition magazine discussing the ever evolving industry of grocery stores.

That's great and all but how does that effect the low carb community? The article highlights the growth in discount grocery stores such as Alids, Trader Joes, Costco, Kroger, etc. In addition to the growth in online realtors such as Thrive, Amazon Fresh, even Google Express. The author highlights the use of private labels to reduce premium food costs attracting more customers. In fact most of these stores are increasing their selections for fresh produce, organic meats, organic dairy, MSG free products, minimally processed products, Trans fat free products, and even products void of chemical food dies.

These stores offer competitive prices that are making traditional grocery stores work to keep up. Its simple to provide these competitive prices because they have less invested in the stores appearance and marketing. The goal of these stores is to increase sales with premium products separate from the name brands which means less in your face marketing. There other added bonus is these stores have less aisle space to fill up with the processed junk food, not to say they don't have it cause...they definitely do, but there is far less of it than in the traditional grocery stores.

The big take away is these discount stores like Aldis are great options for cutting cost when it comes to shopping for a low carb diet or any diet really. If you haven't been at least go in to compare prices and products to see what you may be able to save by shopping at these stores.

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