Is Chili safe on a low carb high fat diet?

Fall is hear and that means chili season. Lets break this question down, for the record we get this question at least every few days from patients following low carb diets.

In short absolutely yes. But lets face it life isn't full of yes or no answers and this is another one of those grey zone answers. Chili is a fall and winter classic across America just as curry is a classic through many parts of India. That being said there are many versions of chili that tend to follow regional cooking styles. For example, southwest style chili typically has roasted corn and is much chunkier. There is also the popular green chili that is made with pork butt hatch pepper and/or Anaheim peppers in areas of the southwest. Texas style chili has very little to no beans and is typically going to be made with chunks of meat similar to a stew. While here in the Midwest we are more accustomed to a bean a ground beef style chili. That being said the carbs in the chili you are eating could vary greatly.

Best options for chili:

I suggest making a traditional chili you're used to then adding some different vegetable to it. For example, kale, green beans, onions, bell peppers, cauliflower, tomatoes, and/or even some winter squash. This will help bulk up your chili with out adding a lot of carbs in addition to adding more fiber making it more well rounded meal.

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