Low Carb Food Survival Guide

When starting a low carb high fat diet (LCHF) it can be intimidating and lets face it down right daunting after you know this is a way of life, if you plan to stay off medications. So this is a starting guide for anyone looking to get the simple tricks to make them successful with a LCHF lifestyle.

1. Cut the carbs and don't look back. That's right no little snacks of chips or potatoes or ice cream not even a simple tasting bite, at least when you're getting started (1st 6 months). The reason I say this is because you are probably like any other American on a western diet, carb addicted!!!!! Just like an alcoholic needs alcohol you feel like you need your carbs. And when quitting its only a tease to have a taste or small drink that then brings back those cravings you're trying to get rid of.

2. EAT FAT ITS GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! That's right those artery clogging fatty foods like chicken wings, bacon, chicken thighs, steaks, mayonnaise, heavy cream, cheese (real cheese may I add) avocados, nuts, olive oil, fatty fishes, etc.. I encourage you nay I insist you add more fat to your diet because it is there to help keep you satiated (full). Bottom line who is going to stick to a diet when they're always hungry and miserable? No one that's who. And that's exactly why people who follow low calorie diets don't stick to them, they suck you're always hungry and typically don't loss much weight.

3. Keep the simple food stables around for quick easy meals. Stables such as frozen steam bag vegetables, coleslaw mix for stir-frys, IQF fish in the freezer, a dozen eggs, almond flour, mixed nuts, FRESH SEASONAL VEGETABLES and lots of them, and last but not least butter.

4. Embraise the weirdness when going out to eat or to potlucks or to friends houses for dinners cause you're diet is inevitably going to come up and everyone will have an opinion on what is good vs what is bad. Most of the time they will think you're crazy for eating the fat and not choosing the "lite" salad dressing, some might even say its down right dangerous. But you know what, its more dangerous to keep eating the "healthy foods," not change your lifestyle and continue using medications to cover up the real problem, poor diet. Who cares about being weird I'd chose healthy any day.

5. And don't worry this will be my last bit of rambling for today. Be adventurous try cooking or eating foods you haven't had before. Eat lots of mixtures of food to increase flavor, variety, color, and texture. This is to keep your diet fun and exiting. If it gets repetitive then people tend to get bored and that leads to poor diet adherence.

Well I hope you're able to pick out a few helpful tips, thanks for reading.

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