Being ready for change is just as important as making that change.

How cool is this. The University of Vermont, Burlington campus is promoting a meditation, nutrition, and fitness program for their students in efforts to reduce the "party school" mentality and improve student growth. See the full article on NPR (

This brings together the connection of emotion, nutrition, and fitness under one approach. I would like to take a step back to say how important this is for everyone whether an individual is striving for weight or just focused on cleaning up their diet to better address their bodies needs. Obviously diet is a huge component of this change in lifestyle while the emotional pieces are often overlooked. It's simple to understand, if your head isn't in the game you're never going to be ready to play. The first part of making a lifestyle change is recognizing that you need to make a change but more importantly being receptive to that change.

Being receptive to change.....The phrase, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink," is a great analogy. Only when someone is open and receptive to change will they truly succeed with that change. So with this I suggest the 1st step to successfully changing your lifestyle needs to be your choice, your awareness, and your desire to better your health. With these three main blocks an individual is setting themselves up for success to achieve a healthier lifestyle, if that is their goal.

Keep in mind revisiting this passion to create change is equally as important. Looking back at where you have started to now what you have achieved is great motivation. Even more, it is a constant reminder on why you have made those changes and why it is important to you to keep with those changes.

My challenge for you...if anyone really is reading to write down your reasons for change on a white board in permanent marker (after your sure those are the right ones of course) then below that with erasable markers write down the success and reasons of that success on making those changes each week. You might write down why its important to not slip back into that previous lifestyle. This can be an ongoing reminder for yourself while making that lifestyle change even when maintaining those changes.

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