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Our goal is to teach you how to use FOOD as you MEDICINE ditch those medications that weigh down the purses and pockets while enjoying your new lifestyle. From day one we will tell you to start eating FAT ditch the CABRS while we help you adjust medications to reflect the changes you have made to your diet. If you are on diabetic medications please DO NOT try this on your own. I repeat DO NOT try this on your own. We are the pros here to help you through the process of reducing medications as your diet, lifestyle, and over all health improves.

This blog is a resource for recipes, videos, research, networking, and data for those interested in the low carb lifestyle. If you are interested to join the program or learn more about the program we offer to help our patients get started on a low carb diet and change your lifestyles. Please visit our website there you will find everything you need to know about the program, how to get started, and how to get questions answered.

As I was saying this blog is not for advertising. Its for getting the information to people that are looking for good information.

That's all I have for today,

Will out.......


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