Commonly Asked Questions

What is a  low carb high fat diet? 

  • A low carb high fat diet is an eating regimen of which and individual consumes a small amount of carbohydrates, moderate amount of protein, and larger amount of fat. The goal is to first use up the stored glucose that has been stored as glycogen and second to decrease insulin levels which is the adipose tissue regulating hormone. This will force the body to start using fat as an alternate fuel source, over time making the body fat adapted. 

  • Low carb diets have become very popular in recent years but to be honest the concept has been around for more than a century as a treatment for type 2 Diabetes. 

  • Low carb diets vary in application from zone diets and paloe diets which are on the higher end of daily carbohydrate allotments while Keto diets are on the most restrictive end of carbohydrate allotments. Everyone will have a different carbohydrate thresh hold  unique to their body. This means that you will need to test your body to see which daily carbohydrate allotment is best for weight maintenance after achieving ideal body weight. The team here at HTC and Wellness From Food will be helping you with that. 

How many carbohydrates do most people in America eat each day? 

  • An individual on a typical western diet "American diet" is routinely consuming on average 250-300 grams of carbohydrates each day. This is far more than what we suggest for our patients and to be honest far more than anyone should be consuming in a day. 

Is it safe to be in Ketosis? 

  • Absolutely, first off ketosis and ketoacidosis are not the same thing!!! Ketosis is a state a which there are ketones in the blood. Ketones are the main source of fuel for the brain when an individual is "fat adapted." This means your body is using fat as a primary fuel source and ketones are the bi-product which is used by the brain as a cleaner fuel source. 

  • Over the past 25 years ketogenic diets have become more common treatment options for patients who struggle with seizures that are not responding well to oral medications as treatment options. 

Are there other people using this low carb high fat diet approach? 

  • Yes, in fact there is a growing number of people using a diet similar to this around the world. This is not a new style diet but rather one the has been lost in the history books first being documented in England by William Banting. There is a growing group of physicians, world wide, using this approach to better treat obesity related diseases. 

Is it safe for me to do alone? 

  • Yes and No. It really depends if you are on medications and if so which medications you are taking. This diet is one which needs to be paired with medication adjustments in order to avoid hypoglycemia for people who are diabetic or those who are taking Metformin for other reasons such as PCOS. If you chose to follow a low carb diet you should talk with your doctor about how the diet can be paired with medication declines and how to go about that. If you are on anti-hypertensive medications you will also need to be monitoring blood pressures and discuss with your doctor to make adjustments as needed. 

What about cholesterol? 

  • Cholesterol is a tricky question. In short the best diet to support improvements in cholesterol is the diet that leads to the most weight loss. There are many people who will be able to discontinue cholesterol medications because lipid numbers have improved on the diet changes they have made. Be sure to provide a full year of following a low carb diet to see how lipid levels are affected with these diet changes. However, there are those who will see little to no improvement in lipid levels may need to continue taking cholesterol medications. In both cases it is best to discuss with your doctor in order to make the best choices on how to pair your diet, health changes and any medications that may be needed.