Exercise, It's For Your Body and Your Brain

If you were to stand on a busy corner to collect surveys asking peoples opinion about exercise, I'm betting most people will say exercise is important for good health. In fact, I'm sure those who do and don't exercise will share that opinion. One step further, I bet most people believe exercise is important for weight loss. There are several nationwide programs pushing exercise as a key pillar for weight loss and that the obesity epidemic can be reversed with regular activity. As you have noticed here at HTC, we strongly promote exercise as a vital part of a healthy lifestyle but NOT, I repeat NOT what leads to weight loss. This post is not intended to address this debate. This post is inten

Low-Carb Substitute Cheat Sheet

There are a lot of low carbohydrate alternatives to use for replacing carb-loaded favorites. One thing to keep in mind is that it is just as important to change your eating habits as it is to change the foods you are eating. What I mean by that, is even if you find an alternate bread or wrap or cookie or cake it doesn't mean you should replace the high carb stand in for the low carb alternate. Below is a list to get you started. Mashed potatoes- mashed cauliflower, mashed rutabaga, mashed celery root Hashbrowns- shredded rutabaga, shredded onion with shredded celery root, shredded radish, thin sliced cauliflower Chips- Parmesan crisps, quest protein puffs, crisped cauliflower crust or thins,

Stay Informed About Food Recalls

Why is it important to keep up with food calls? Well for starters you may avoid a weekend of terrible GI distress, and possibly even saving your life. Anyone who has a compromised immune system should be attentive to food recalls. These food recalls are related to potentially life threatening contaminates that could be in the food you eat. If you know about these recalls, you have the knowledge to avoid these foods if you chose to. Examples of food recalls in the news over the past few weeks: ht

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