Do You Need A New Spice In Your Life?

Let’s get spicy All jokes aside, spices are part of the kitchen magic that takes food from, "yeah dinner's done to....when is this going to be ready to eat, it smells freaking delicious." In the kitchen, chefs are the mad scientists; whipping up combinations of foods enhanced with almost countless combinations of herbs and spices. Here are some tips on which spices to combine and which foods those spices can be used for. You will notice there are also some herbs added with these spices. Ranch spice mix: 1/4 cup dried parsley 1 tablespoon dried dill 1 tablespoon granulated garlic 1 tablespoon granulated onion 1/3 teaspoon dried basil 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper Great for making a dressin

Healthcare Perspective

Healthcare is a very sensitive topic, especially when politics get pulled into the conversation. I would like to take a step back from healthcare operations and coverage. What I would like to discuss is what healthcare would look like in a perfect world. What should healthcare be? How should healthcare be delivered? How should healthcare be approached? What is your perspective on healthcare? What does healthcare mean to you? Here are some different perspectives to get you thinking. Reactive Health Care Healthcare is provided when I am sick and only when I "need it." I go to the doctor when I am sick because I have health insurance, so I am covered when it comes to any healthcare concerns and

There Is A Choice

By now I'm sure it is clear here at Health Transitions Clinic we use a low carb diet and we educate our patients on the use of this low carb diet. But why? Why do we choose to put so much time and effort into educating people on the benefits of a low carb diet? For me the answer is simply summed up in one word choice. I want people who are struggling with diabetes and weight gain to understand they have a choice with regards to their health aside from the world of big pharma. Well that's people who struggling with pre-diabetes or type two diabetes in particular. Type-2 diabetes and pre-diabetes is a disease heavily influenced by a poorly controlled diet that is high in carbohydrates. The rea

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