Breakfast Ideas

When eating a low carb diet breakfast can be a challenge or at leas it may seem like a challenge. The main complaint I hear is that there's not enough variety for breakfast. So lets start with this question. What were you eating for breakfast previously? Did you eat something different each day or did you eat cereal or oatmeal each day? Below is a great variety of recipes to get you thinking about new low carb breakfast ideas. Collect a set of recipes that you can use for rotating through. if a recipe is too cumbersome to make in the morning then i suggest preparing ahead of time to greatly reduce your cook time in the morning. Fun Breakfast Options Eggs with vegetables and and optional bre

Soy is a Great Protein Option

Soy has gotten a bad rep for too long. The truth is that soy is a great low carb meat-alternate protein option. Even if you are not looking for a low carb meat alternate-option, soy is a great option. There was a great cohort study published in the ‘Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ which highlights the benefits of soy and how it reduces mortality from all causes, and reduces cancer and cardiovascular disease. What does this mean? Basically you are not putting yourself in danger by incorporating soy protein into your diet. In fact, you will be decreasing your cancer risks. Now that we know this, what are some good food sources of soy that you can start incorporating into you

Variety Is Important

I am going to share a story that was highlighted on NPR after being published in ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’. This is a story of a boy who was seen as picky, but did not show any significant health side effect related to his poor diet. The boy was normal for height and weight upon examination and had no significant health complaints. So what did his diet consist of? Carbohydrates (specifically simple carbohydrates) and processed meats. That's right. The boy ate only French fries, Pringles potato chips, white bread, and some processed pork. This is a dail

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