Not a Cook, Not a Problem

When eating low carb you find out very quickly that frozen pizza, box meals such as hamburger helper, and heat n' eat foods are primarily out of the diet. This mean you are committed to picking through carry out menus and a few frozen food options for fast or even simple dinner ideas that take little to no cooking. For some people this can be overwhelming. But there are foods you can eat that take little to no cooking in addition there are foods that you can order from take out. These options are as limited as you make them. What I mean by this statement is, the more picky you are about what you chose to eat (it is a choice unless you truly have a food allergy) the less variety you will have

Type 2 Diabetes Is What????, Reversible

That's right. Here at HTC we preach day in and day out that type two diabetes is a reversible disease. This is a disease primarily driven by poor diet. To reverse the disease you can make dietary changes that promote a life without diabetes. The biggest key to kicking your diabetes is sticking to these dietary changes. This could potentially mean no more insulin, no more oral medications, and no more testing your blood sugars all day. (Although we do recommended tracking blood sugars on a much more dialed back regimen anywhere from 1-2 times per day to 2-4 times per week.) Here at HT

Meal Prep

Meal prep is the number one way to improve your ability to stay on track when making changes to the foods you are eating. I have referred to meal prep many times over the past few years and it has occurred to me that I've never fully explained what meal prep is and/or how to execute meal prep. What is meal prep? Meal preparation or meal prep is simply the process of planning and preparing meals. How to execute a successful and cost efficient meal prep process? Start with raw ingredients you can purchase in bulk. For example, whole chicken a bunch of celery a bag of onions a bunch of carrots a container of mayo a bag of avocados a bag of slaw mix and a head of lettuce. With this combination

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