Why Quality Matters?

When it comes to nutrition, there are lots of opinions about what is and what is not healthy. Many of the opinions are contradicting each other. These opinions can be seen on television, read in books or magazines, heard on the radio or from friends, family, and doctors, and/or even from a random stranger who thinks they know best about what you should be eating. With so many sources about what foods are "healthy" and what foods are not, it is no wonder that the general public is so confused. Here is a new study that highlights the dangers of a diet high in processed meats, such as hotdogs and even bacon (everyone's favorite). This is not a big splash in the world of nutrition research, but

This Week In Nutrition

I am going write a blog series to target nutrition topics, questions, research topics, stories, and trends circling the media. The goal is to highlight the interesting points, emphasize the important topics, and shed lite on the hoopla that takes over. Let’s start with a great success story that will inspire you to make or keep up with the changes you have made. Is that amazing or what?! What is going on in the world? This article is about the real world some people are living due to SNAP benefits restrictions. Currently there is a battle on what foods are allowed to be covered. At this point, f

The Forgotten Forests

As climate change progresses, there are clearly challenges that will need to be overcome in order to help preserve the world around us. This is a challenge with the current agricultural system that is used to feed populations around the world. That being said, what are a few methods that can be applied in order to promote sustainability, help reduce added stress to the environment, and supply high quality nutrition for communities around the world? Urban Gardening: Urban gardening is more well-known because it is easier to spot, and has been easier to put into action. Urban gardening can be seen throughout the world by raised garden beds in cities of all sizes. There are gardens popping up i

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