How old are your spices?

Some common questions during cooking demos include; what spice is that, where do you get that spice, and how long do spices last. Well there are a lot of spices out there so that first question is a bit harder to answer but here is a list of what think are home cook must haves. Spices: Paprika chili powder cumin coriander turmeric garlic powder or granulated onion powder or flaked nutmeg allspice clove white pepper black pepper Herbs: thyme rosemary sage dill oregano basil parsley cilantro Italian herb mix Where to get goo quality spices for a good price might seem trick but it is important if you are shooting for the best flavor. I strongly recommend to view the grocery store as last resort

Tips For Maintaining Weight-loss

You've lost 100 lbs. You're feeling better, eating better, looking healthier, and feeling more confident, so now your weight loss journey is over right? Wrong! Losing the weight is the biggest step of the weight loss journey, but that doesn't mean it’s the only step. For most people who have struggled with gaining weight, fighting the scale following diet after diet has been a constant. Over the years losing hundreds of pounds and gaining hundreds of pounds. The cycle seems to be playing on repeat no matter the diet, no matter the effort. What is missing? Behavioral change. That’s right; your eating habits are driven by a particular behavior. Until there is a change in your behavioral habits

Something Seams Fishy.....

This weeks blog post is to help prepare you for the next time you find yourself looking at different fish in the grocery store. How many time have you paid top dollar for that specific variety fish or a particular quality fish? Did you know 90% of the seafood sold in the United States is imported? Of that at least 33% is mislabeled on accident and many cases on purpose with a cheaper product substituted that passes for the advertised product. A few examples include sea bass being replaced by giant perch, Alaskan halibut replaced by Greenland turbot, Florida grouper replaced with lavender jobfish, and local catfish replaced by pangasius. There are governing groups that monitor fish caught an

Insulin, a miracle medicine of the 19th century that has skyrocketed in cost in the 21st century

I hope you're ready for some history, blurred lines of supply and demand, medical needs, and a fresh dose of reality. Let’s get started. First: the history of insulin. It is important to understand when insulin was founded, and how it came to be produced after it was founded. In 1922, 14 year-old, Leonard Thompson, was injected with insulin at Toronto General Hospital. An injection that saved his life and gave him several more years of living, in a time when type-one diabetes was a death sentence following the diagnosis. News traveled around the world highlighting this life changing medication that was made from extracting insulin from an animal’s pancreas, purified, and administered to huma

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