Low Carb Diet Food Essentials

Low carb diets have grown in popularity over the past few years. There are some people doing great with these diets and others seem to really be struggling. The big question is why? Why do some people do so well, while others really struggle with this diet? And really, there are two main answers: one, there is no one diet that is best for everyone. Two, those who are struggling with a low carb diet are following the diet based on information from an unreliable source. Is a low carb diet best for you? If you are following a typical western diet and find yourself struggling with weight gain, type two diabetes, gestational diabetes, and/or pre-diabetes, then a lower-carb diet would be the right

"Natural" What does this truly mean?

The debate over nutrition labels is one that seems to continue, despite routine updates being made to labeling structure, development, and design. A new point of conversation is providing a better understanding or definition of what a "natural" food product actually is. Let’s dive into this and discuss this head first. To start with, there are currently no regulations on what a product requires to be labeled as "natural." However, research shows us consumers are purchasing products labeled as "natural" with an understanding that these products are clean-sourced foods made from high quality ingredients that are "natural." For some products this might be correct, and for others this couldn't b

What is an addiction?

According to the dictionary, addiction is a noun describing a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance and well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal. Tips to recognizing an addiction, specifically a carbohydrate or sugar addiction: Think about the definition above for a few minutes....really take it in. Do you notice anything in your present or past that was an addiction? Carbohydrate and sugar addictions are very real and have become common, even promoted in the western diet. The hardest step of getting past an addiction is not stopping the habit itself, but keeping that habit from returning. Although relapse is highly likely in this proc

Why Diet Matters

A person's diet is the building block for their health. Diet is the source of vital micro and macro nutrients for the body to function properly. If there is a lack of nutrients or an abundance of nutrients, then the body finds a way to over-compensate, or adjust to continue functioning as best it can. However, this will take a toll on the body, maybe not right away, but over time. The body's output is going to be based on the input it has received. That is how a person with good health and no genetic health concerns will maintain good health. What if you have food allergies, diabetes, an auto-immune disease, a food intolerance, or one of the many genetic diseases that can affect health? Diet

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