Exercise is important, but what about when you can't get out to exercise?

The article below is a great example of what you can do if you are trying to exercise, but can't get outside to do it. After a life-long struggle of being overweight, the woman in the article below was determined to make changes in efforts lose weight. The first change was diet; this would prove to pave the way for more changes to follow, drastically leading to improved health. She decided to follow a vegan diet, ultimately cutting out processed foods, eating a diet primarily of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seed, legumes, and grains. Along with the diet changes, she decided exercise was needed to be added, so she did. In fact, she added a daily walking routine, getting at least 3,000 steps

Winter Blues

For starters you should know it is normal to experience the winter blues more commonly known Seasonal Affective Disorder. Here in the Midwest when seasons change so do the moods of thousands who routinely experience seasonal affective disorder. Some see this as a slight hindrance to their day associating the blah feeling with cold weather and spending more time inside. While others really struggle to find happiness this time of the year and rely on medications to keep their moods boosted. No matter where you fall on the spectrum here are a few tips that can help. 1. Buy a sad lamp. These are lights specifically designed to improve mood in times of little to no sunlight. Here is a website to

Best Diet For You

Diet advice is everywhere we look in our modern society. This is not a new thing. Diets have been part of the media for decades. There's always a new diet that everyone needs to follow to look a certain way, feel a certain way, or increase your life expectancy. It is important to understand this is probably not going away anytime soon. It is interesting how important diet is, how much diet will dictate people’s health, and how much people internalize their understanding of nutrition, then spread the message as if they are an expert in the area. This post is about reading through these blurred lines of nutrition, seeing that there are great diets out there and terrible diets out there. Knowin

Can the right diet really help improve type 2 diabetes?

"Is eating rabbit food really going to help me?" This is the question I hear all the time. I would like to prefix this statement with one thing; if you believe vegetables are rabbit food then yes, we promote eating a diet that is primarily vegetables, with small amounts of fruit and legumes, and adequate amounts of protein. As soon as I hear this question my answer is always, "do you see a lot of diabetic rabbits?" At which point there is usually a laugh from the patient.... But yes, in all seriousness the correct diet for an individual will dramatically improve their health. In fact, I see patients dropping medications from their list every day, just by improving their diet to better reflec

Tips For The Home Cook

Welcome to 2019 everyone! For the past four years I have been working with patients teaching them how to use diet in efforts to reduce medication needs and improve their health. One thing I have noticed is lack of kitchen skills most patients share. This comes to no surprise since the common American relies on convenience foods. This not only includes take out foods or going to restaurants but also heat and eat style dinners instead of making food from scratch. At this point I'm sure most of you have noticed some sort of health concern related to this way of eating which has brought you here. Or you just really want to learn how to cook which is a great reason as well. Here are some tips on

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