Local food supply vs National food supply

Over the past few years you have read several posts about nutrition and food. I'm sure at some point you've noticed there is a slight or heavy undertone highlighting the importance of supporting local food. To this point, I have not really provided much reason for that, aside from improved flavor, freshness, variety, and sustainability. But today I have a reason that might hit on a different cord. Avoiding large food recalls. That's right. Supporting local is a great way to stay out of the national food recall lists. How many food related recalls do you think there have been in 2018??????????? Throughout 2018 there have been 219 food related recalls. These recalls are from both large and sma

Hidden World of Nutrition

Have you ever seen fruit concentrate written on a label and wondered what is that? Or have you thought fruit concentrate is the same thing as fruit just concentrated? This article from NPR is a great read and goes into the details of what fruit concentrate actually is. Fruit vs sugar when it comes to the carbs aren't they the same? Well in on description yes they are both sources of carbs that are broken into glucose. However, not all carbs are treated equal. Fruit as it self also has fiber which will assist with digestion of food slowing the absorption of the carbs that accompan

Organics vs Non-organics

A question that almost always comes up during cooking demos is, "Should I purchase all organic produce or does that not matter?" Unfortunately, this is not a very straight forward answer because everyone has different food budgets and access to food, which dictates purchases. In short, I do think it is better to purchase organic when you are able, but this is not a necessity. In searching how to provide a more solid answer for patients, I came across a great website my friend shared with me, ( This website has great educational resources to better understand the difference between organic vs non-organic produce. In fact, there is a great resource called, ‘Dirty Dozen, E

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