Simple Nutrition and Cooking Tips

I'd like to keep this weeks post simple, to the point. When people hear I am a dietitian they always ask for 10 tips for good health. When people hear am chef they always ask for 10 tips for good food. So this week is the 10 and 10; tips for and tips for nutrition. Nutrition Tips: 1. Eat the colors of the rainbow...not the candy. What I mean is eat plenty foods that are naturally colorful. For example: beets, dark greens, carrots, cauliflower, purple kale, oranges, apples, etc. 2. Eat a plant based diet with small amounts of meat added for those who desire meat. 3. Eat fat, stop avoiding fat. 4. Clean your produce even if it is organic...clean your produce. 5. Challenge yourself to try new

Lets Talk Supplements

My goal for this post is to highlight the real world regulations for the market of supplements or lack there of. Over the counter supplements are seen as natural herbal remedies for a wide range of health struggles some examples include but are not limited to; depression, erectile-dysfunction, weight loss, improved metabolism, constipation relief, increased muscle growth, lowering blood pressure, improving immune systems, etc. The list can go on and on in just about every area of health along with every claim you could imagine. Some of these natural remedies and supplements are great they work well to improve symptoms without the need to seek further support. However, there are also lots of

What's really in the food supply?

No, I'm not ready to tackle the food supply we use as feed for our livestock and pets, maybe later. What this post is addressing is the food supply open to the american public, regular foods purchased in grocery stores, gas stations, monster stores (walmart, target) get the idea. A recent court case results is forcing the roll back of "artificial flavors" companies will need to reformulate their products getting rid of 7 commonly used compounds used to provide these artificial flavors. The FDA has given companies 24 months to comply with the new regulations. But why such a drastic roll back? Its simple, these compounds used as artificial flavors in the foods ranging from ice cream to

Research: To Trust or Not To Trust (this is a questions you must ask yourself)

Don't worry I will not be diving into the world of poetry or love stories. What I do want you, the reader, to take out of this is that there is lots of clear bad research out there. In addition there is also research that seems great which has been cleverly disguised as sound data showing genuine evidence that is just as bad. These articles can be very difficult to spot, for both the average reader and an experienced researcher. At this point I'm sure you're saying, what in the world are you talking about? Please review the two links below. Then I will walk you through the behind the scenes of how research is executed.

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