How to make little changes to improve your health?

Are you struggling with your health? Have you had that talk with you doctor, spouse, or family about needing to make a change? But you're just not convinced that you are ready to make a change and if this change can provide enough improvement for your health to make it worth it. I challenge you to make a small experiment to see what change can bring. Start by cutting out all sweetened beverages that contain carbohydrates for 1 month. This means avoiding all of the drinks that contain carbohydrates including but not limited to: alcohol, soda, sport drinks, milk and sweetened alternate milks, fruit and vegetable juices >After on month see what benefits you notice, these benefits might include:

Adding Fuel to the Fire: A link between sugar and Alzheimer's?

At this point I'm sure its clear I like to share what patients find and have questions about. The latest article a patient shared with me is pretty interesting its titled, "The Startling Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer's." The article has a juicy title to pull in readers but here at HTC we're more concerned about what's beneath the surface, where the findings come from and how those findings came to be determined......Lets dive in and see what we can find. The article starts by highlighting a large study that followed 5,189 people over a 10 year period that showed correlation with high blood sugar and faster cognitive decline as compared to those with normal blood sugar levels. >This inform

Diet Details: A few bad diets in the media?

There are hundreds of diets out there and many more to come in the future. In this post I pulled a few diets from various popular magazines and websites for highlighting. There are some great diets out there but there are lots of bad ones, below are a few bad ones: Intermediate Fasting 16:8 Diet: This is an article on the Today Show's website titled: Intermediate fasting made easy: What to know about the 16:8 diet >This article discusses therapeutic fasting but in a way that is not particularly helpful. The diet is described as 16 hours of fasting followed by 8 hours of eating whatever you want to eat. Participants saw modest weight loss over a 12 week cycle in addition to lower blood pres

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