Grocery shopping, seasonal produce, and food waste; what are we missing?

Take a walk through your local grocery store no matter where you live, the Midwest or Southwest or Northeast or Southeast. There are some obvious differences in appearance, look past the appearance, start buying foods on your grocery list for now what do you see??????? Is the produce section that much different from state to state or even region to region of the country? Just about every, normal size, grocery store will have broccoli, lettuces, apples, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, butternut squash, zucchini, cilantro, parsley, potatoes, onions, blue berries, black berries, strawberries, always bananas, etc. Now take it a step further. Most stores have bakery sections with all the goodies (bread

Low Carb Hacks for Travel and/or Home Use

Try eating low carb for just a few weeks and you notice convenience foods are loaded with carbohydrates. Think about how many varieties of sandwiches, burgers, egg rolls, breakfast options, doughnuts, fries, etc. Take it a step further, look through your cabinets see how many bags of chips, pretzels, crackers, (the salty processed foods) ;how many cookies, candies, chocolates (sweet junk food varietals) there are. Read over menus for fast food restaurants, casual food restaurants, even gas station menus and offerings. It is clear carbs run the show when it comes to convenient foods and shelf stables foods (processed foods). So how does someone stay low carb in the high pace society the run

FREE SEMINAR Thursday 2/22/2018

Hello HTC Family, First, we'd like to thank all of you for giving us the opportunity to share our message and help you to improve your health. Seeing patients improve their health is our passion. Together we are setting a new standard in health care, educating our patients on how diet and lifestyle change can improve their health. We intend to spread the message as far as we can. Now we are asking you for help Help us spread the word. We will be having a free seminar on Thursday February 22nd from 7-8pm in the community room on the 3rd floor of the PCI Medical Pavilion. The seminar is the best way to help us get our message to those who need to hear it. Forward this email to your friends, fa

Does your environment drive your perceptions?

Here are a few questions to think on What does diet mean? What does success mean to you? (In way of diet and health) Does society feed on realistic representations of the human body? Are the rock hard abs and bulging muscles in every form of media what real people look like? How does media affect the way you look at diet and health? What drives your food choices? How does nutrition effect your life? These questions are presented because, whether you agree with it or not, there are environmental factors which effect societies perceptions of diet and health. In our world of instant communication these factors greatly effect the way we perceive our health and dietary needs. Questions like thes

Tips For Success

Here at the clinic we have worked with hundreds of people over the years helping them achieve a healthier life they thought was long passed. In fact many of our patients say they feel better now then they did 10 even 20 years ago. After sitting down and thinking it is clear there are some similarities among those patients who are most successful, below are 5 tips for success: 1. Set your intention: >search for what your idea of success is and why it is important to you >after finding what is important believe in yourself...this is what I want and I will get there 2. Make short-term goals to hit along the way: >give yourself some reasonable goals to accomplish that build on each other >make

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