Health is All About Your Lifestyle: you are the driver not the passenger to your life

There are thousands of sources for researching how to lose weight, how to find the "best diet" and what the "best" diet for a human is. Click the video in the link below, specifically ask why are we so wrapped up around this idea of "dieting." The host makes the topic sound intense and very important it almost gives you a sense of anxiety....feeding the thoughts of am I eating the right foods? Am I on the right diet? What foods should I got out and buy?.......Lets stop......take a breath and think....look whats going on around you. Take a step back let the world pass by for a few hours and think to you self. In our culture it is clear we have access to more varieties of foods than we ever h

Continued Support for the use of a Low Carb Diet

I had a patient send an article in last week and would like to this chance to share it with everyone. The article is titled, "Interest in the Ketogenic Diet Grows for Weight Loss and Type 2 Diabetes." It was printed in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) January 16, 2018, volume 319, number 3 ( The article was a synopsis of a research study designed to asses the effect of a low carb diet on individuals who have Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. The findings show a low carb diet leads three times more weight loss than the traditional low fat calorie restrictive diet. The weight loss is great but more interesting was the dec

It's Time to Improve Your Health, this is the Year

Here at Health Transitions Clinic we want to keep you from becoming another statistic. Join us for a FREE seminar on Thursday, January 18th from 7-8pm. Learn about our successful diabetes and weight loss management clinic but more specifically how the wrong messages have lead the obesity and diabetes epidemic. We have worked with over 500 patients in the past 3 years leading them to a life with less medications (and in lots of cases no medications) that they only dreamed of. Each year thousands of people purchase gym memberships, start new diets, kick old habits, and start their journey toward better health. That's all great but what makes you stick to these plans? What keeps you on track to

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